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Danish Folk with Powerful horns, toe-tapping fiddle and contagious rhythms

Explosive debut album from Habadekuk

Awarded as "The DANISH FOLK ALBUM OF THE YEAR" and "The DANISH FOLK ARTIST OF THE YEAR" (Kristian Bugge) at the Danish Music Award Folk 2011 Copenhagen October 2011
"Hopsadaddy" is the long-awaited, energy-packed debut album from Habadekuk. The release took place at Odense Folk Festival, where the nine-piece folk band had champagne and confetti flowing!

Powerful horns, toe-tapping fiddle and contagious rhythms characterise the album, which catapults folk music well and truly into the 21st century. "We've mixed elements from salsa, jazz and folk to inject new energy into old dance tunes. This way the tunes can still get the party started," says violinist Kristian Bugge.

Following huge success at home and abroad, this young and lively nine-man band are now more ready than ever to take to the stage with their fast-paced polkas.

Habadekuk have already wowed audiences at Spot Festival and Danish Music Award Folk, as well as at festivals in Poland, Sweden, Finland and Norway. They won NORD '09, the Nordic folk music championships in Sweden, broadcasted in Swedish,
Finnish and Norwegian Radio.

Kristian Bugge Violin/fiddle
Peter Eget Harmonika/accordion
Rasmus Henriksen Trækbasun/Trombone
Jakob Holdensen Trompet/Trumpet
Rasmus Fribo Saxofon, sav, jodel/Saxophone, Saw, Ydelin
Rasmus Brylle Trommer/Drums
Jens Krøgholt Kontrabas/Double bass
Morten Nordal Guitar, lapsteel, banjo
Theis Juul Langlands Klaver/Piano

1. Proptrækkeren 2:38
2. Pe' Broen & Jens Carl 4:32
3. Viggo post 4:43
4. Kingo & Hans Jensen 5:12
5. Hornpiben 4:11
6. Spilledåsen 2:54
7. Polkason 6:09
8. Habadekuk 3:51
9. Kirsten & Jeg 2:14
10. Hopsadaddy 3:59

Indspillet 2010 / Recorded 2010:
Snowville Recordingstudio - Torben Sminge
Mexika - Morten Nordal
Mix: Morten Nordal, Søren Brylle
Masterering / Mastering: Studio C4 - Mikkel Gemzøe
Layout: Mikkel Henssel
Foto / Photo: EP-Photography
Arrangeret af / Arranged by:
Anders Ringaard (1,2,3,4,7,9)
Theis Juul Langlands (5,8)
Rasmus Henriksen (6,10)
Kristian Bugge (10)
Rasmus Fribo (6)
Kontakt / Contact:
Tekst / Text: Anders Chr. N. Christensen

Støttet af / Supported by:
Dansk Musiker Forbund / Danish Musicians' Union
GO' Danish Folk Music

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Price DKK 129,00
 (EUR 17,32)  -  Ribe Landevej 190  -  DK - 7100 Vejle, Denmark
Tel. +45 31691286  -  E-mail:  -  CVR-number: DK 20065397