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Promotional Double CD presenting 11 young Danish bands - Live recordings - Get a Free copy together with a buy in

Project YoungTrad/Ungtrad recorded 11 young Danish bands to this double CD This is a promotional CD and not for sale.
for promotion the young generation and Danish Folk Music in generally is able to give you a free copy together with a buy of danish Music from our catalogue. (Limited stock).
Order the CD for free togetter with your other orders - You just pay for eventually a higher weight/shippingrate.

Helge Arildsø chairman of YoungTrad/UNGTRAD writes in the covernotes:

"YoungTrad is an initiative supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture
Over the last decade the number of young folk musicians has increased in Denmark and young musicians and bands have toured and played all over the world.
On this CD you will hear the next generation. Youngsters that probably will appear on your festival or in your club within a few years.
Youngtrad is organized by young musicians on conditions set them selves.
These recordings were made at the Stib Vinterfestival, February 2008 as live concerts.
Listening to this CD - makes me sure that folk music also in the furure will have a strong position - not only in Denmark - but alto on the folk scene around the world."

CD l

1. Hvidbjerg Polka [2.52]
2. Ego Schottish [2.08]
3. Reel de Copains [2.13]

4. Hamborger/Golden Eagle Hornpipe [3.11]
5. Christians Pols [3.42]
6. Good Evening/Fishermans Hornpipe [1.49]

Wenzel! & Bugge
7. GI. 8-tur på langs [3.23]
8. Æ lam [3.58]
9. Hopsa [2.58]

Musik Direktør Rasmussens Balorkester
10. Alborg Polka [4.01]
11. Polka Sekstur [2.33]
12. Vals [2.25]]

13. Vern kan segla [3.37]
14. Ganglat [3.06] '\
15. Svalen [2.52]

Pørtners Komplot
16. Skischottish [4.34]
17. Anne Lines Polska [3.36]


1. Finsk Ketchup [3.22]
2. Polka i Moll I Mooseshit Polska [4.04]
3. Gryderetsmarchen [4.01]

Almost Irish
4. Farewell to Mormon Braes [2.20]
5. On Raglan Road [4.48]
6. C1arejigIDrunken Piper [2.48]

7.I Danmark er jeg født [5.03]
8. Det Iysner over agres felt [3.1 0]
9.Jens Vejmand [3.32]

10. Fransk Morgenstjerne [3.32]
11. lmeland og Grimeland [5.20]
12. Alvdalspolska [3.43

13. Falmende Forar [4.53]
14. Halvtæemmede tumulter [5.45]

Ungtrad in coooeration with GO' Danish Folk Music

GO' Danish Folk music  -  Ribe Landevej 190  -  DK - 7100 Vejle, Denmark
Tel. +45 31691286  -  E-mail:  -  CVR-number: DK 20065397