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CD & DVD - The duo is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a double album, new recordings, Liveconcert, interviews og documentary.

CD & DVD (PAL) Danish langue and English subtitles

Special for our US and Japanese costumers
CD & DVD (NTSC) Danish langue and English/Japanese subtitles.
This version we send to orders from US and Japanees adresses unless you want different.

The new album "Rejsedage/Travelling" from the awarded Danish violin & guitar duo Haugaard & Høirup is being released the 3rd of April 2008. The duo is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a double album containing a studio recording with 9 tunes and two songs, and a dvd containing a 38 minute long concert situation, as well as a 41 minute long illustrated interview.

Morten Alfred: "The CD was recorded in the forest at Haralds house on Funen in September 2007. It is a mix of traditional Danish music, and some original tunes composed by the two of us. Tunes like "Huset ved Havet", "Vals til Kærligheden and "Rejsedage" are good examples of new Danish music that was never played in public before. The Finnish bass and jews harp player, Tapani Varis, are joining us on some of the tracks, and so is the Danish two row accordion player, Sonnich Lydom, and guitar player Sune Hånsbæk.
But of cause the CD especially features Harald and my self playing as a duo.

The DVD from Haugaard & Høirup features a concert filmed at the little intimate venue, Bartof Cafe, at Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. It was on a summer evening in August 2007, and the crowd was pretty excited. Furthermore the DVD has an interview with the duo, made by the Danish journalist and film maker, Jørgen Flindt Pedersen.

In the interview Harald and Morten tells about how they both got in to the music as kids, how they met 10 years ago, and how they decided to start the cooperation that would make them to one of the most travelling acts in traditional Danish music ever.

The double album, "Rejsedage/Travelling" will be introduced in April on a 12 days tour starting the 8th of April in Copenhagen Denmark and going all the way to Münich in South Germany. Then the duo will bring the album on their extended anniversary tour which will take place in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Canada and then US during 2008.Tracks:
1. Kronprindsen March (3.04)
Trad. Danish
2. Ingelas Vals (2.44)
Morten Alfred Høirup
3. Sweet Autobahn (3.10)
Morten Alfred Høirup & Harald Haugaard
4. Pigen og Soldaten (3.47)
Lyrics: Erik Bøgh, Music: trad. Norwegian & Haugaard & Høirup
5. Begravelsesmarch til en Kær Ven/Festen på Drejø (6.08)
Morten Alfred Høirup/Morten Alfred Høirup & Harald Haugaard
Til minde om/In memory of Palle Aarslev (1942 - 2007)
6. Valsen til Kærligheden (2.45)
Harald Haugaard
7. Rejsedage ( 4.01)
Morten Alfred Høirup
8. Huset ved havet/Vals fra Agerkrog (5.39)
Morten Alfred Høirup/Trad.
9. Skøn Annna ( 3.24)
Trad. Danish after Fin Alfred Larsen
10. Chr. Olsens C-dur Polka (2.03)
Trad. Danish after Hans Jørgen Christensen
11. Den sødeste Vals/Reels in D & F (7.26)
Trad. Danish. Recorded live at Café Ellegård, August 2006

Produced by Haugaard & Høirup
All tunes and songs arranged by Haugaard & Høirup.

Harald Haugaard: Violins and mandolines
Morten Alfred Høirup: Guitars, lute and vocal
... still travelling with music ...
Tapani Varis: (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10): Bass, jews harps and fl ute
Sonnich Lyddom: (2, 7, 10): Box and harmonicas
Sune Hånsbæk: (3, 4, 6): Electric and acoustic guitars
Recorded Autumn 2007 in Pælehuset, Knagelbjerg, Fyn by Sune Hånsbæk
Mixed and mastered by Sune Hånsbæk, Studiet Bissensgade
Track 11 is recorded by Torben Sminge and mixed by Sune Hånsbæk
Produced by Haugaard & Høirup
Co-Produced by Sune Haansbæk
Concert fi lmed August 20th 2007 at Bartof Café, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen by Loke Film.
Interview fi lmed in Kerteminde by Loke Film August 23rd 2007
Interview by Jørgen Flindt Pedersen
English subtitles by Ruthie Dornfeld
Japanese subtitles by Tadd Igarashi
Edited by Jes Paul
Produced by Loke Film
Co-produced by Morten Alfred Høirup
Layout: Jesper Nørgaard Kristensen
Photos: Knut Utler
English Translations: Ruthie Dornfeld
Released with fi nancial support from:
Danish Musicians' Union, danish roots, KODA & Tingluti Publikationsfond.

Haugaard & Høirup
GO' Danish Folk music

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