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Welcome to our FOLKSHOP.DK
The FOLKSHOP.DK is one of your options to get hold of the great music from some of the most forefront Danish folk/world bands and artists.
Every day we are doing our best to provide good service and experiences to our costumers all over the world.
This catalogue is related to the musicians and releases by the progresive label GO' Danish Folk Music.

Lots of new great releases lately, - means we have problems to stock both the new and old titles.
Therefore some older and well-seasoned releases we now offer you at an special price
+ up to 30% discount when buying more than 2 regular CD's
See your discount in your Basket.

NOTICE: due seasonal holidays and our attending at festivals etc. we can't allways garantee our normal day-day deliver service. On the front page we will try to inform if and when the expected time of handling your order.

Mads Hansens Kapel - På den forkerte side
Traditionelt, ung sprudlende dansk dansemusik.
kan bestilles fra den 13. december
Zafir - Klang i Natten
Hang, Harp and Bass Clarinet - in stock by Nov. 21 th.
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Price DKK 129,00 (EUR 17,32)
Dreamers' Circus - Rooftop Sessions
To a new and different musical univers by ’Dreamers’ Circus
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Price DKK 129,00 (EUR 17,32)
LSMR - Appetite For Distraction
Louise Støjberg & Martin Rauff - a debut CD by two of DK's great sing&songwriters
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Price DKK 129,00 (EUR 17,32)
Phønix featuring SangKa – Groovy Guzheng
-A Chinese/Danish cultural and Musical Adventure
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Price DKK 129,00 (EUR 17,32)
Habadekuk - Mollevit
10 years Celebration
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Price DKK 129,00 (EUR 17,32)
Basco - Interesting Times
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Price DKK 129,00 (EUR 17,32)
Zenobia Sangbogen
20 songs with melodies, chords and lyrics, and three or four part arrangements.
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Price DKK 150,00 (EUR 20,13)
Zenobia - Blot en ild
Celebrate the trio’s ten-year Anniversary
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Price DKK 129,00 (EUR 17,32)
Norr - This Freedom
Danish band assembled by three young women rooted in the folk-genre, but expands all the way to indie and pop
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Price DKK 69,00 (EUR 9,26)

Wednesday on 13 December 2017

Dreamers’ Circus - Second Movement
“Authentic folk music from another planet. Masterful and deeply heartfelt." – Peter Bastian
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Price DKK 129,00
 (EUR 17,32)

Dreamers' Circus - A Little Symphony
Between Scandinavian folk and classical music.
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Price DKK 129,00
 (EUR 17,32)

Baltic Crossing - The Tune Machine
No man on earth was prepared for the sound!!!
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Price DKK 129,00
 (EUR 17,32)

Habadekuk - Kaffepunch
DK trad with powerful horns, toe-tapping fiddle and contagious rhythms
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Price DKK 129,00
 (EUR 17,32)

Haugaard & Høirup - Gæstebud/Feast(GO0705)
The award-winning Danish violin and guitar duo Haugaard & Høirup are releasing their fifth album. On the CD they have invited some of the finest and most famous international musicians in today’s folk music scene.
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Price DKK 129,00
Special Offer: DKK 100,00
(EUR 17,32 » Special Offer: EUR 13,42)

Haugaard & Høirup - Rejsedage/Traveling
CD & DVD - The duo is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a double album, new recordings, Liveconcert, interviews og documentary.
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Price DKK 129,00
 (EUR 17,32)

Ungtrad - Live
Promotional Double CD presenting 11 young Danish bands - Live recordings - Get a Free copy together with a buy in
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